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We are one of the good manufacturer of traditional enamel kitchenware collections in Denizli in Turkey.
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We have known enamelware from our childhood, from true Turkish villages. Our enamelware products are handcrafted in Denizli. Our mission is to deliver our unique, original, high quality enamelware made in Turkey to every client from the furthest corners of the world. We are producing all kind of enamelware dishes, coffee mugs, camping dishes, cookware sets and others. Within our range we have several different metal forms and shapes which we can enamel in desired colours from our enamel colour palette with our designers. We also apply decoration colours according to our customers specific design requirements. Our manufacturing technique is traditional as by hand, however we maintain high safety standards and perform thorough quality check. We are able to offer rare shapes of enamelware, some of which were designed 30 years ago. Production techonology hasnt changed a lot since then.

Enamel is material produced by fusing powdered glass to a substrate. It is fired with additive pigments. Covering steel elements with enamel protects the base material from rust, gives the ware a pleasing aesthetic and quarantees health and safety during the use of enamelware in the kitchen. Its durability is the result of firing at high temperatures about 800 degree, this doesnt only make it durable, but also makes it suitable for use on every cooker and makes it dishwasher safe. Depending on where an individual item is placed in the klin, the degree impacts the colour intensity of the product giving each design a unique beauty and point of difference.

Please let me know if you have any order for all kind of handmade enamelware sets , please check our website for our own collections . just send us your all order details then we are ready to make our best prices n service ..

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